lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

Bun´s Hair Collection by Enrique

Hi guys! I'm so excited today because I bring a collection called Bun's Hair Collection

This small collection brings 2 versions of hairstyles, the first as you can see in the picture is no bangs and the second version is with bangs

It also includes a new accessory flowers on the sides as seen in the picture, this accessory you can find it in the section hats, and only supports these hairstyles

I hope you liked this collection , I take a lot of work to do it, if you liked the content on the screen, you can make a small contribution on top of my blog where it says donations ( Donaciones) or you can donate here


It is very important that you read the terms and conditions of the user when to lower my cc , so please I invite you to read it
  • Give all credit to their respective creator
  • Do not edit my meshes
  • Do not include my meshes in you recolors
  • Do not upload my stuff as is whitout my permission

Bun´s Hair Collection V1 (DOWNLOAD)

Bun´s Hair Collection V2 (DOWNLOAD)

Flower Hat Accesory (DOWNLOAD)

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